We firmly believe that Sports and Games are essential for good physical and mental health of the students.
During the Induction Programme for the first year all students are given an opportunity to learn Yoga and Meditation.
College has facilities for Athletics, Sports like Cricket, Volley Ball, football, Hand ball, Badminton and Throw ball, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi along with Games like Carrom, Chess, and Table Tennis. Expert coaching is given to guide the students and to prepare them for competitions.
A few students have represented our College as well as our Zone in Inter-College and Inter-Zonal matches in events like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi,
Triple Jump, Relay Races. One of our students secured 1st place in best physique in under-60 kg category. Preparations are on to set up a Multi-gym in the College.
At Navkis, we believe that character building education is not restricted only to the classroom but also to the world outside of it. The college has vast sports facilities and grounds for students to pursue excellence in sports and stay fit. The college encourages students to develop and participate in various outdoor and indoor sports like football, volleyball, and basketball.

Physical Education Director


To engage in relentless pursuit of Excellence in the promotion and development of Physical Education and Sports through innovative programmes in coaching, activities and evolve a holistic approach to the betterment of human resources through a harmonious blend of body, mind and spirit.

To design and introduce innovative, integrated, inter disciplinary curriculum in physical education and various sports and games and allied areas and provide Leadership to the Profession. To actively design programme for the promotion and development of fitness and health concept among the students, faculty and the community around so as to mould them into physically fit and emotionally matured citizens.

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