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The College Library and Information Centre at Navkis College of Engineering is situated in the 2nd Floor of Block A building. It extends over 4308.14 square feet and has necessary furniture, facilities and resources.

The Library aims to provide sufficient information resources for all branches of study present in the College like Text Books, Reference Books, Journals, Magazines, News Papers, Seminar Reports and Project Reports. Some resources are available as Hard Copies and Some are in Digital form, available on-line.

New Gen Lib Software is used for cataloguing the books in the Library.

Presently the Library has 3224 Titles and 15913 Volumes.

The library is open from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM on all working days (Monday-Friday), and from 9.00 AM. to 2.00 PM on Saturday. During University examinations it is open from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM.

The College Library has the following Sections:

  • 1. Circulation Section
  • 2. SC/ST Book Bank
  • 3. Reference Section
  • 4. News Paper Section
  • 5. Digital Library Access Section

1.Circulation Section

All NCEH students are issued one Library Card with which they are permitted to borrow up to four books and must get them renewed once in 15 days. Faculty members are permitted to borrow up to 10 books and must get them renewed once in 6 months. Users can reserve the required reading material, and the same will be issued on a queue-based basis.

Availability of a desired book can be checked in the New Gen Lib Software. Books are issued at the Issue Counter and entries are made in the hard and soft database. If the books are not renewed within the stipulated period, a fine of Rs.1.00 per day per book will be charged

SC/ST Book Bank

Special book borrowing facility is provide for the SC/ST students in a separate book bank. A total of 537 books related to different subjects are available in the SC/ST Book Bank. A fair number of text books will be issued to each student for a period of six months.

Reference Section

Reference Section is a place where students and faculty members can refer to any hard copy resources at the Library itself. 200 seats are available for the users to do reference. If desired, Library staff will assist the users in locating desired information from the available information resources. A total of 1893 books on different subjects are kept for reference purposes only and will not be issued to the users

News Papers and Magazines Section

In this section, Newspapers (Kannada and English) and Magazines are kept for the readers.

Hard Copy Journals

The College gets 09 journals from MAT Journals Pvt. Ltd. which publishes 90+ Peer reviewed, indexed Journals in various domains of Engineering, Pharmacy, Nursing and Management. 15 journals were being procured from HBRP Publication Pvt. Ltd. till 2022.

Hard Copy Journals from MAT Publication Pvt. Ltd.

# Journal Name Frequency
1 Journal of Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Quarterly
2 Journal of Information Technology and Sciences Quarterly
3 Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence &its applications Quarterly
4 Research and Review :Machine learning and cloud computing Quarterly
5 Journal of Innovations in Data science and Big data management Quarterly
6 Journal of cyber security, privacy Issues and challenges Quarterly
7 Journal of Electronics and Communication System Quarterly
8 Journal of Communication engineering and Innovations Quarterly
9 Journal of remote sensing GIS and Technology Quarterly

Hard Copy Journals from HBRP Publication Pvt. Ltd.

# Journal Name Frequency
1 Journal of Network Security Computer Networks Quarterly
2 Journal of Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Quarterly
3 Journal of Data Mining and Management Quarterly
4 Journal of Information Technology and Science Quarterly
5 Journal of Computer science engineering and software testing Quarterly
6 Journal of computer based Parallel Programming Quarterly
7 Journal of Mechanical and Mechanics Engineering Quarterly
8 Journal of recent activities in production Quarterly
9 Journal of Automation and Automobile Engineering Quarterly
10 Journal of water resources and pollution studies Quarterly
11 Journal of civil and construction Engineering Quarterly
12 Journal of Construction and Building materials Engineering Quarterly
13 Journal of structure Technology Quarterly
14 Journal of Ceramics and concrete technology Quarterly
15 Journal of Environmental Engineering and studies Quarterly

Digital Library

The College has subscription to the VTU Library Consortium and is a member of DEveloping Library NETwork (DELNET) and National Digital Library of India (NDLI).

The VTU Consortium provides a variety of full texts of e-journals and e-books covering almost all areas of engineering. The Remote Access Gateway MapMyAccess has been specially designed for the Libraries and Academic Community of VTU Consortium, Belagavi, to provide off-campus and anytime-anywhere access to the Library’s Digital Resources for seamless teaching, learning, and research.

DELNET provides a number of e-resources - 116991 e-books and 14378 e-journals, and others.

A Digital Library Access Section has been established in the Library. This section has 15 Computers with Internet Facility. Students and Faculty Members can use the Internet Facility as well as connect to the Digital Library resources to get the desired information.

E- Journals and Books from VTU Library Consortium

Subscription of E-Resources for the Year 2022-23
1 Elsevier
E-Journals: Engineering + CS + EE + ME + EC + CV and allied branches of engineering. Artificial Intelligence-22 Computer Graphics and Computer-Aided Design-19 Computer Networks and Communications-29 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition-10 Hardware and Architecture-20 Information Systems-28 Signal Processing-13 Aerospace Engineering-5 Biomedical Engineering-16 Civil and Structural Engineering-35 Computational Mechanics-11 Electrical and Electronic Engineering-33 Mechanical Engineering-38 Ocean Engineering-6 Safety, Risk, Reliability and Quality-13 (Back Issues from 2010) 298 Journals
2 IEEE Proceedings Order Plan (POP)
IEEE Proceedings: The core collection of IEEE conference proceedings from approximately 100 of IEEE’s most important conferences. Full-text access with a backfile to 2010. • Aerospace and Defense • Biometrics • Computer Hardware and Software • Cyber Security • Electronics • Internet of Things (IoT) • Medical Devices • Nanotechnology • Optics • Power Engineering • Robotics • Semiconductors • Smart Grid • Telecommunications • Wireless Technology (Back Issues from 2010) 530,000 papers - from 100 core IEEE conference titles in POP
3 Springer Nature
E-Journals: Electrical & Electronics Mechanical Civil Computer Science Engineering (Allied Subject) Chemistry and Material Science Mathematics Physics Electrical & Electronics - 58 Mechanical - 44 Civil - 13 Computer Science - 93 Engineering (Allied Subject) - 39 Chemistry and Material Science - 162 Mathematics - 167 Physics - 104 (Back Issues from 1997) 690 Journals
4 Taylor & Francis
E-Journals: Engineering + CSE + ME + CV + Architecture and Allied Science Allied Science-324 Mechanical-35 Textile -8 Engineering & Technology-76 Electrical-17 Computer Science-27 Civil & Structural-31 BioTechnology-17 Architecture-19 (Back Issues from 2010) 585 Journals
5 Emerald
E-Journals: Management Accounting, Finance & Economics-9 Business, Management & Strategy-18 Education-10 Health & Social Care-5 HR, Learning & Organization Studies-17 Information & Knowledge Management-10 Library Studies-17 Marketing-12 Operations, Logistics & Quality-10 Property Management & Built Environment-5 Public Policy & Environmental Management-6 Tourism & Hospitality Management-1 (Back Issues from 2010) 120 Journals
6 ProQuest
E-Journals: Architecture and all Engineering and its allied branches. Technology Collection includes the Advanced Technology & Aerospace and Materials Science & Engineering Databases (Back issues from 1962) Full text: 4900 Journals Indexed: 7800 Abstract
7 MAPMy Access
• Cloud server along with Universal Federation search services • Remote Access Solution All subjects 12 K + Resources and following features: 1. OA resources: Journals + e-Books + e-Theses + Educational videos. 2. 24 X 7 seamless access. 3. Admin control for librarians. 4. Usage report for individual colleges. 5. Secured remote access full text content. 6. Mobile compatibility. OA resourc es: 10,000+ eBooks & 5700+ eJournal s
8 Emerald content/case-studies
Emerald Case Studies: Emerging Markets Case Studies E-Case Collection (1000 Indian), The CASE Journals (Electronic) 1000 E-Case
9 Mint Books
E-Books: Mintbook unified learning platform of e-Books 1. Civil engineering - 160 2. Mechanical engineering - 249 3. Electrical engineering - 182 4. Electronics and communication - 226 5. Computer science - 850 6. Information technology -199 7. Biotechnology - 150 8. Management - 1189 9. Allied branches of engineering – 183 10. Others (competitive exams) - 81 3469 eBooks
10 NetAnalytiks’
LANQUILL (Writing Grammar Learning Tool) 1. Admin control for librarians 2. 24 X 7 seamless access 3. Usage report for individual college can take --

Navkis College of Engineering has been headed by Ms. Khyser Jaha F., Librarian, to monitor the various activities in the library.

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