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NCE, Hassan was quick to react to the pandemic situation that upset the entire education domain. Virtual sessions were started immediately during the lockdown and every single lecture was held using the Upswing platform. Online teaching was done continuously, videos recorded and shared and students went about answering all their assignments and tests using this platform. Both faculty and students quickly adapted to the new situation thus ensuring learning never stopped

Apart from this, the college has established facilities for technology enabled learning. There is facility for attending live E-Shikshana Courses offered by VTU. Students can watch the recorded video lectures also available on the VTU portal. There is a facility in every department for the Students and Faculty to watch the SWAYAM PRABHA channels. Lectures on subjects of importance by experts will be telecasted on 16 channels dedicated to different branches of study. The students can watch them during free time and enhance their knowledge. All Faculty and Students are encouraged to register for NPTEL (National Programme for Technology Enhanced Learning) courses on subjects of importance and recent technologies. Ms. Shruthi K. M is the SPOC for all these programmes offered

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