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Department of Chemistry


The Department Chemistry, has been playing a profound role in providing a strong basic foundation for first year BE level students. The Department offers Engineering Chemistry and Engineering Chemistry Laboratory courses at first and second semester level students of all branches as a foundation course. The Department has been recognized as a Research Centre by VTU. The Department has well qualified and experienced staffs who involve themselves actively to achieve the vision and mission of the Department.


To produce high quality Engineers with strong knowledge in Computer science that helps to develop latest technology. To motivate research interest in area of chemistry particularly with respect to interdisciplinary exploration.


  • Society through chemistry education, research, and service via interdisciplinary and international collaborative discovery, mentoring & leadership, and economic impact through technology transfer & entrepreneurship.
  • Enable student/faculty team achievement, professional service, recognition, and global engagement via unique molecular science & technology centers of excellence leveraging our core strengths.

Program Outcomes (POs)

PO1: Critical Thinking: Take informed actions after identifying the assumptions that frame our thinking and actions, checking out the degree to which these assumptions are accurate and valid, and looking at our ideas and decisions (intellectual, organizational, and personal) from different perspectives.

PO2: Effective Communication: Speak, read, write and listen clearly in person and through electronic media in English and in one Indian language, and make meaning of the world by connecting people, ideas, books, media and technology.

PO3: Social Interaction: Elicit views of others, mediate disagreements and help reach conclusions in group settings.

PO4: Effective Citizenship: Demonstrate empathetic social concern and equity-centered national development, and the ability to act with an informed awareness of issues and participate in civic life through volunteering.

PO5: Ethics: Recognize different value systems including your own, understand the moral dimensions of your decisions, and accept responsibility for them.

PO6: Environment and Sustainability: Understand the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development.

PO7: Self-directed and Life-long Learning: Acquire the ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the broadest context socio-technological changes.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

On successful completion, students will have the ability to -

PSO1: Acquire knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles and theories of chemistry.

PSO2: Develop Skills to evaluate, analyze and interpret the chemical information and data.

PSO3: Solve problems competently by identifying the essential parts of a problem and formulating a strategy for solving the problem.

PSO4: Use standard laboratory equipments, modern instrumentation and classical techniques to carry out experiments and develop skills to interpret and explain the limits of accuracy of experimental data in terms of significance and underlying theory.

PSO5: Think creatively (divergently and convergent) to propose novel ideas in explaining facts and figures or providing new solution to the problems.

Chemistry Faculty

Dr. Manjunath C R

Associate Professor

MSc, SLET, B.Ed., PhD


Ms. Sindhu K S

Assistant Professor

MSc, B.Ed


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