Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science


The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science has commenced from the year 2021 and is one of the latest additions to the Academia at Navkis Engineering College. In the new millennium, Internet supersedes all our other aspects of life. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science which use computational principles, methods and systems for extracting information from data takes precedence. This is where students will benefit from this programme of study. The programme focuses on building on the skills of students to perform intelligent data analysis which is a key component in numerous real-world applications. Data Science covers the entire process of ethically acquiring data and analysing and visualizing and monetizing data. In other words, the programme equips the learner with the basic tools and techniques of data handling and analysis.


Classrooms are furnished with Data Projectors and Internet facility. These facilities give the faculty to have an engaging and inclusive learning experience. Equipment, Machinery and Tools in the laboratory are maintained well and upgraded periodically. The computer aided mechanical Engineering labs at Navkis College of Engineering, Hassan, has machines with latest configuration and the necessary software are available to give students the best learning experience.


There are four Computer Centers in the department with a total of 140 computers having latest configuration. Latest software necessary are available. The laboratories have UPS for power backup. Latest versions of the necessary software's like different compilers, Database Management Systems like Oracle, Java, Visual BASIC, etc are available. The LAN's are connected to the optical fibre backbone of the campus wide network. Internet facility with 100 Mbps date rate.

Programming Lab: Network of 60 Systems

Linux Lab: Network of 40 Systems

C Programming Lab: Network of 30 Systems

Computer Lab 4: Network of 40 Systems

All systems have latest configuration with all necessary software installed. Two IBM Servers are available. Internet access is available on all the nodes.

Different Laboratory Courses conducted in these Computer Centers as per the University Curriculum are:

  • C programming Lab.
  • Data Structures Lab.
  • Design & Analysis of Algorithms Lab.
  • Electronic Circuits & Logic Design Lab.
  • Microprocessors Lab.
  • Computer Graphics & Visualization Lab.
  • System Software and Operating Systems Lab.
  • Unix system Programming Lab.
  • Computer Networks Lab.
  • Web Programming Lab.

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